Devil Shyt

I love Devil Shyt! No, I don’t worship Satan it’s a music genre. The genre was originated in Memphis, Tennessee or possibly somewhere else. It’s basically down South underground music. Devil Shyt is an under rated genre,  obviously because of its satanic symbolism. The satanic gutter and gangster sound makes it appalling. “Why do I enjoy Devil Shyt?”

I began following an artist named Evil Pimp back in 08,’ through an acquaintance I use to know. He would listen to Evil Pimp obsessively, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. At that time Metal was all I listened to; you name it: Death, Funk, Metalcore, and Alternative-Metal. Rap was to repetitive, especially for how I was feeling at that time, but I will always love Hip Hop its apart of me. Trying to get back into listening to Hip Hop was difficult because it had to be hard ass fuck. It would be weird coming from the hard sounds of Metal back into some sissy shit. Evil Pimp seemed perfect for what I was seeking in Hip Hop, it was hard ass fuck and far from sissy.

The first song I heard was “Lights on the bucket,” now for that very first second, honestly I wasn’t impressed. I actually was intrigued by another artist Crucified. They had a song called “Devil shit you hate to hear,” I enjoyed that song more, but I gave Evil another chance. Extensively doing my research I found myself loving every song, it was an addiction ever since. Some facts about Devil Shyt– Three Six Mafia originally began their career doing Devil Shyt. I would say they glorified it and put hype to the genre, but obviously there were other Memphis artists doing it as well. That’s how they came up with the name Three Six Mafia (666); “yeah they were about that shit”. Over time the more successful the group got they had to leave the genre behind. That left more artists to take over, well try to take over. Honestly, that is the little I know about the genre’s history, but there’s probably more background info on the genre somewhere online.

I still listen to Evil Pimp faithfully (I’m listening to him now as I write this post). Even though now a days he’s getting a bit soft, its fine I’ll continue listening to his old shit. Plus, new artists like SpaceGhostPurp’s Raider Klan, specifically Ethewulf is keeping that Devil Shyt sound alive in this generation. When you hear his tracks the samples and beats exudes that gutter sound of Devil Shyt. Ethewulf is reaching a different demographic than Evil Pimp is reaching, maybe it’s because Ethewulf is associated with SpaceGhostPurp. SpaceGhostPurp attracts a  different fan base as well, so its natural for SpaceGhost fans to start liking Ethewulf. Reminder, SpaceGhost doesn’t talk about that much Devil Shyt.

Coming to the conclusion I’m afraid of Devil Shyt’s legacy. The fear of  Raider Klan turning Devil Shyt into a hipster fad, having people who would never listen to Devil Shyt, false claim the genre and play it out. Acting like it’s so new without realizing it’s been done before, way better than Raider Klan can do it. Raider Klan actually looks up to Evil Pimp and has payed their respects, but most people don’t know that, others would still believe Raider Klan is doing something relatively new. This is my opinion and view.

Evil Pimp is a very under rated artist that paid his dues. He is the story of an artist that didn’t get the right recognition that they deserve, and others are taking or claiming the recognition. Leaving only but a few to know.



 Evil Pimp(Krucifix Klan)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Raider Klan they’re good. I just don’t want anyone to get it twisted.

Here is a disgrace to Hip Hop trying to emulate the hard sound of Devil Shyt, but does not know anything about it.

Remind you, Lil’ B claims positivity. Yeah, he talks about the good and bad, but you know damn well Lil’ B doesn’t care about Devil Shyt. Especially, his fan base and who he caters to. They don’t have a clue Lil’ B is using Evil Pimp’s beat.

Only a few including myself. Put this issue on blast.

5 Comments Add yours

    1. Yeah I know of him. He comes up on my Youtube timeline. I’m not that into him, but his beats go hard. He reminds me of Crazy Mane..

    2. Plus, his beats go hard because Evil Pimp produced them.

  1. mighty L says:

    and you know what I’m trying to rap and bring on some sick shit like this myself but I’m having some trouble with my rhymes.

    1. I try to rhyme myself, but it’s not for me. You just have to constantly practice and find that right beat. Just develop your style, observe what you like and don’t like about your rhyme, and observe the beat. See what beat really inspires you to go hard. With the right lyrics and beat you can never go wrong, just keep practicing..

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