Top 10 Evil Pimp Songs

As you may know I’m a huge Evil Pimp fan, this post by far was the hardest to write. Trying to conjure up my top favorite Evil Pimp songs seemed impossible, but thinking long and hard it was achieved. So, here is my top 10 Evil Pimp Songs.

10. Vacuum Hit

Starting off with Vacuum Hit. Evil has plenty of cannabis filled records like: “Call me the Cheefa,” “Smokin Seeds,” “Blaze da Blunt,” or “Fiya Indo.Vacuum Hit stands out with its harmonious and laid-back piano play, straightforward statement on a  smokers pet-peeve in the hook, and mentioning the delicious Toll House cookies. This song leaves all the Stoners to co-sign.

“Don’t babysit my blunt, or slob and spit my shit. You didn’t put no ends on this, so don’t you vacuüm hit.”

9. Neva Love a Rookie

Neva Love a Rookie is a reminiscing and familiar sound of vintage Three Six Mafia with an Evil Pimp twist. In the first verse he is performing his well-known tongue twisting flow, a steady fast flow then ending the bar with a climactic pitch in his voice (my personal favorite flow performance). This song is definitely for the bass seekers, other than “Knock up on your door” ft. Stan Man being another top “bass trembling”record. Neva Love a Rookie tops it by a little with its cleaner and up-to-date sound. Towards the end of the song Evil gives a classic shout-out to everyone, ending the track with that good ol’ hood feel.

“Neva luv a rookie cookie muthafucka. Pull the trigga.” 

8. Let’s make a Stang ft. Drama Queen

Now, the list gets a little challenging from here. Despite the many tracks Evil has with Drama Queen(Killa Queen). This is a great performance from both Drama Queen and Evil Pimp, no one sounds better than the other. Drama Queen comes hard in the first verse, then Evil kept it consistent in the second verse. Evil has other rememberable diss tracks like: “Hoe Shit,” “Talk yo Ass Off,” and “Fuck Boy.” Let’s Make a Stang is debatably the best diss song from Evil Pimp, dissing RIC or specifically Lil Jule (claiming RIC) allegedly. Compared to the other diss tracks, Let’s Make a Stang has a calmer approach in the sound. Giving off that superior demeanor in the verses and vocals.

“Yeah, this Drama gangsta girl is down to whoop busta bitch.”

7. 1 in my Wesson ft. Crazy Mane

1 in my Wesson is straight up vintage sound. Evil Pimp completely went off on this track. Once again performing a steady fast flow then ending the bar with a climactic pitch in his voice. He also executes what I call a “roller coaster effect” with his fast flow. Starting hard/slow and jump start fast in his rhythm. This particular song showcase his best tongue twisting performance and he honestly carries Crazy Mane in this song. Leaving the listener rewinding back to Evil Pimp’s verse.

“Light a candle from the canal, man that hoe is a disgrace!” 

6. To Da Top

One of his honest and heart-felt tracks,this is hands down a sick ass record. Evil is known for his gory, devil crazed, gun slinging lyrics. So, when you get an emotional track from him it’s a bit refreshing. What makes this song so sick is Evil’s clever production for this song, sampling Legend of Dragon Track 1[I assume he really likes that game]. A well executed sample from a video game and a bass filled track for the bass heads. The lyrics are positive which some people find hard to believe Evil Pimp can produce, but its an encouraging song and far from soft.

5. Make a Move

Make a Move is a smooth dynamic track. The violin play sends you on a daze, making it easier for the listener to consciously listen to his word play. The flow is direct, no special tricks or hooks just straight fire-spitting. This is a simple production, but his lyrical content in this track completely makes this song. If you want to hear just a genuine flow from Evil this is the record.

“Big surprise,in disguised, someone call the FBI. Angles cry, demons fly, cuz the Pimp has just arrived.”

4. There will be Conflict ft. Playa Rob

Now, it’s getting deep in the list. There is plenty of records featuring Playa Rob, but this one really highlights his flow and character. It was really hard because there is so many great Evil Pimp/Playa Rob collab tracks. However, what makes this song slightly different Playa Rob over shadows Evil a bit in this record. Both were consistent, but there is something about Playa Rob’s verse leaving a rememberable impression on his subtle rhythm. In this track you can envision Playa Rob’s version of gangsta and how he gets down, its a perfect segue way to Playa Rob’s role in the Krucifix Klan.This track is definitely a great introduction to the Playa Rob/Evil Pimp journey.

3. Power is Wisdom

Power is Wisdom is a rare form to my knowledge of Evil Pimp’s work. Imagining him politically totally goes over my head, but Evil Pimp proves again he can rap about anything and still stay in the means of his fans taste. Evil Pimp spits about the New World Order, change in the system, and his political views for that time. While producing a genius beat, sampling System of the Down. The fact that Evil was in rare form content wise, puts this song at #3 on the list.

2. I Worship Devil Shit

This song is a given for its #2 spot. I Worship Devil Shit is a debatable record, some would put this track at the #1 spot. However, that would’ve been expected, but I am acknowledging this is a Evil Pimp top record. When you type in Evil Pimp on Youtube, this is the top video that pops up. I Worship Devil Shit is the introduction to Evil Pimp’s work, off bat you hear the talent in content as well as in production. The track title alone grabs attention to any curious mind to wander off into Evil Pimp’s world. Despite controversy of the title and lyrical content of the song. Evil has touched on his definition of Devil Shit. Stating he’s not being literal about Devil Shit, he is not Satanic. However, Devil Shit is more of an action you do in the streets, committing crimes.

“See I worship devil shit to keep the demons in my head.”

1. Banana Peels 1 & 2

Here we are at #1, Banana Peels! First, the beat is very melodic. In the first version of the song the track starts with the melodic piano play, leaving you to wonder where the record is leading you. Then knocks you back into straight dark side shit with the hard bass of the beat. Second version of the song starts off a little differently. The track leads you with the vintage Lil Gin sample, “Niggas on Banana Peelz, always gettin bullets drilled. Shoot they ass in the muthafuckin face, where it hurts the most.” The beat alone showcase Evil’s production growth.

In Banana Peelz 1 his flow sounds familiar too most. The way he’s flowing is being emulated by plenty of mainstream artist like Drake. This flow style can’t be claimed by anyone of course, but its interesting how this particular way of flowing on a beat has re-serviced lately. Despite the familiar flow, the deliverance hits hard like the beat. Now, the remix like expected is more impressive. Evil Pimp tops the beat with his famous fast flow and leaving your head banging hard to his sick punch lines. Again, performing the roller coaster flow; going slow then kick starting into a fast flow towards the climax of the bar.

I chose both version because it’s extremely hard to choose between the two. Plus, it depends on your personal preference of flow choice on a song, but for the most part both tracks are equally crazy!!

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  1. Mitko says:

    pimped tonight is my fav song ho

    1. Hahaha I can tell! After your usage of hoe at the end of your sentence. Thanks for the comment ‘hoe.’

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