Evident Hip Hop: Hell and Back Series

Reflecting on women figures that light my energy. A night of YouTube surfing lead me to Hell and Back. A reality pilot evolved around female artist that pioneered the Hip Hop game, left to be black-balled and personal endeavors. Presently telling their story, conveying the message of strength and over coming tribulation, Hell and Back. Model & Rapper Gloria Velez, Battle Rapper Lady Luck, former Murder INC artist Vita, and “My Neck & My Back” star Khia came together not only to discuss their past, but work together. Adapting to the shift in Hip Hop while brushing off old impressions.

The pilot is intriguing as well inspiring, the need to look-back came over instantly. Now older, practically the same age as these Femcees were in their climatic time of success. I had a chance to understand each Femcee’s perspective, not clouded by the hype I once felt back in the day. Not only just going down memory lane, but also appreciating their presence and purpose. Understanding how disavow from others took them under, but with talent, dedication, and drive each Femcee overcame their obstacles.

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