Inspiration: Heather Hunter

Ms. Hunter, one of my personal top figures for inspiration. When the ‘who inspires you in fashion’ question comes up, with assumption of being in fashion, solely means being inspired by fashion designers. It’s a little off-putting, since Porn Stars, Gustave Doré, and Battle Rappers inspire my energy as well taste.

The envision on Hunter’s career is admirable. Yes, it is pornography, but sex or the thought of sex is something we all share. Having sex or consuming sexual visuals is an intimate and learning experience. Sex is art, no matter if its cheesy, degrading, disturbing, arousing, or distasteful. The vision as well the performers create reaction, adsorbed in your mind, leaving you to form any opinion. Which generates a conversation or sense of satisfaction. Art in my personal impression at its finest.

The conviction about her story is reflective. Knowing when to omit to change and embrace desired artistry. Learning from widely success, delegating her career, making the right connections, and thriving. Hunter is a creator and pioneer, not just a porn star. Hunter is a cultivated brand, twenty plus years has passed and her likeness nonetheless cherished. In a Dj Vlad interview, Hunters dives into the beginning of her career. Revealing personal ordeals, as a  sexual assault victim and admitting control issues.

An interview I conducted with the legendary Mr. Marcus discussing watching porn for the time. Ms. Hunter was mention for sure.

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