The End of Malice is Coming

This coming Sunday will be premiere of The End of Malice documentary on Revolt TV. Rapper Malice, formally apart of classic rap duo Clipse explains his perspective on the sudden break up as well experienced revelation. Revelation on his personal trial and dark path he was leading near during publicized success. Its riveting to hear a story of redemption from the least expected. The sudden departure of the Clipse during that time was very odd, rubbish from the media made worse of the turmoil. Eventually making the dismantle of the group downplayed, only to be re-serviced by the success of Pusha T (brother and group mate to Malice). Unfortunately, servicing of the ordeal was more of bashing from the media of Malice’s narcotics scandal and satirized about his spiritual practice. Open to Malice perception, not knowing what to really expect, personally wanting closure to what happen with the group as well Malice, is going to keep tuned in. The End of Malice will be featuring Pharrell Williams and his brother, former group mate Pusha T. The curiosity is killing me with slight concern of religious agenda throughout the film, but Malice’s story can definitely be embodied.

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