I Lost My Passion for Fashion

A very bold statement, but slightly true. More than fifty-thousand dollars in debt, living in a city where fashion jobs are scarce, and plenty of con artists; at some point motivation becomes depleted. Not an odd feeling, of course, every post-grad or alumni has felt the sour note of reality. The ‘Art of fashion‘ adrift is the most irking. The simple fact an institute I’ve attended is mentioned in articles pertaining to shutdowns and fraudulence is troublesome. Contemplating about it is very frustrating and something to learn from.

Reading Op-Ed | Fashion Schools Should Focus on Creativity was rambling my mind, I felt compelled to concur the article. Overpriced fashion school programs, repetitive brand looks, lack of respect in the industry, and social media obsession is diminishing the artistic value fashion contributes to culture. This is the surface, by no means, this applies to all the industry, just a good majority. Leaving plenty of artists to fight for their work as well approach the superficial defect in fashion. Personally, attending a fashion program impelled only to learn business based off local job market, became a nuisance down the line. Recalling conflicts with advisers to register for Photography 101 and Web Coding, their argument being  it’s not a part of my program’. Persistence and taking the ‘L’ in my pocket I was able to attend these classes, but really? Photography and Web Coding is not a part of fashion design nor fashion business? Hmm… Honestly, the feeling of self-encouragement as well dedication boosted my confidence.

Now, learning what I’ve notice now, its convenient reading about creativity demand in fashion. Fashion has become a shit ball of numbers and reflects in the latest launch of collections. Lines are repetitive from last season or designs are hijacked from underground brands that don’t have the same reach. The reclaim for creativity in fashion is severe and it starts with the schools. Business is basic, but skills in design programs and basic taste in creative visuals is priority. Please factor that while deliberating on the thought of fashion school. Remember, its fine to be overly creative, it’s needed desperately.



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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Well put, @missanalvomit … as an alumni of Fashion Design, I totally agree, and am also facing $65k in student loan debt. Only thing I can say is to stay strong, (try) to stay positive, and don’t let your passion for fashion die. If WE don’t care enough to love fashion, who else will? xo – nic

    1. Thank you for the share!! @nicolethestylistdotcom

    2. I will never let the fashion nerve die, it just get hard, but thank you for the caring words. I love your work, artists like yourself keep me motivated. @nicolethestylistdotcom

  2. nayardt says:

    Great post! It’s really admirable that you strive to make a change!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

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