Razakel ft Smallz One – Senile (Update)

Mouth gag with the chloroform rag, put your body in a bag, toe tag.

Update: In the post, mention of the concern about Razakel’s flow in Senile. Razakel informed me directly about the inspiration behind the track.

The beat is a Tyga beat and a remix of “Senile” by him Lil Wayne and Nicki. Hence the influence. – Razakel

Don’t you love when wicked queens start murdering shit? Razakel and Smallz One are blowing minds with the hit track, Senile. The video has circulated on Youtube for two months with 23,723 views. Both Femcee’s have unique styles. Smallz delivers a cut throat, cocky Demstress style and voice. Razakel delivers sadistic, twisted humor. Both styles compliment each other, so hearing these two on a track is down right invigorating. Ruminate of the 2010 released project Night of the Living Dead Girlz, I’m scratching for a sequel. But for now, I’m fine with this sick ass track, Senile. Smallz goes in hard with her fast grungy flow, then Raz follows suit with her sharp, quick crazed rhythm. It seems very obvious Raz is inspired by Nicki Minaj. Replication of the animated voice Roman (Nicki Minaj’s alter-ego) confusingly  comes out of nowhere in Razakel’s flow. I’m more seduced by Razakel’s earlier  body of work. Picking up that familiar animated voice was a bit off-putting, but it is an acquired taste. Overall the track is bumpin as hell and the hook is on point. The beat is slappin, production by Lyrikal Snuff. The video was directed and edited by Razakel, filmed by Jimmy Tersteeg, Razakel as well as Smallz One. Check out the track and video, tell me what you think!

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