Autumn Myers Interview Pt. 3 “Stop Posting Crap Content.”

Last installment of the wonderful interview had with Autumn Myers. Touching on the stigma against fashion bloggers also content quality. Yo, muthafuckas are paying others to create and maintain their site, I’m mind bottled. Further on, we’re discussing the bloggers Autumn is admired by as well giving advise to aspiring fashion bloggers.

Artist Look: KisaBeauty

Miss Kisa, a personal favorite Femcees of mine has launched her Beauty Youtube channel KisaBeauty. The channel consists of makeup tutorials, beauty  testimonials,  as well product review. Miss Kisa is an underground Femcee, mostly known by the Juggalo community. Her brand and reputation has always been sexy, strong, and vivid. Which explains Kisa’s motivation to…

Autumn Myers Interview Pt. 2 “One Day I want Jeannie Mai to View My Blog.”

The conversation continues, going into how ‘CGDD’ began. Discussing the development, the visual appeal, and how blogging gave Autumn a voice. Autumn also explains her fantasy reader as well future aspirations. Giving conviction on being who you really are, and assuring City Girl Desert Doll gives off that impression.

Happy New Year!

This year has literally been heaven or hell. The beginning of 2015 I really can’t recall, but I knew it was productive. Made my first music video, featured in a web series, co-hosting for a pod cast, and developing my brand one step at a time. Even though I experienced dramatic depression, it was inspiring…

A&B Interview Pt. 4/5 ‘Yo, Angela Look Like Madonna and Steve Nicks!’

Finally, concluding the A&B interview, part four and five. We ended on a humorous and lighthearted matter. Noticing Angela looks like Steve Nicks as well Bryanna resembling to Taryn Manning. Plus, receiving advice from the ladies on staying determined, associating yourself with others that have your best interest, and  pushing forward as an artists.  

A&B Interview Pt. 3 “Its Glitter Up in That B*tch.”

The ladies of AB going into detail about their latest work, excited about their next single Hooker. Then decided to have fun with Angela and Bryanna asking about the color of their sound along with what is their favorite noise.

‘New Single’ Contessa Stuto – Mistress Of Ceremony

Contessa Stuto, Mistress of Ceremony is bringing that true flame for the Sag Season. Dropping her new single ‘Mistress of Ceromony.’ An eerie whimsical introduction into Miss Stuto’s world. We briefly discussed her new project in the conversations I’ve posted up. The conversation was conducted back in July, days before the Cherry Bomb event. ‘Mistress of Ceromony’…

Cunt Mafia Interview Pt. 4| The Official Cherry Bomb

Two parts left of this exclusive interview with Contessa Stuto, we begin to convert about ‘Cherry Bomb.’ A gathering Contessa host in the underground night scene. Parlaying about Cherry Bombs’ originality and its’ controversial usage in mass media. Clearing up the confusion about the name as well who it truly belongs too. Also, Contessa expresses…

Style Review: Angry Blossom

Angry Blossom, the ascetic of a robust Punk chick. A women that clearly doesn’t give fuck, embraces adventure, showcase self-confidence, and simply loves to have a good time. Angry Blossom exudes simplicity in the silhouettes, taking a casual approach, yet display bold patterns and prints. Angry blossom also carries athletic attire showcasing one of kind jump suite…